About Gong Yoga

Gong Yoga uses the sound of the gong in association with classical yoga practices to create a state of spontaneous meditation and therapeutic relaxation that facilitates the movement of prana (vital life energy) through the body for healing and to awaken the consciousness for transformation.

The use of the gong in yoga and meditation can be linked back in time to Northern India where it was played by Kundalini Yoga masters to awaken the intuitive faculties and create a transcendent state of being. While the gong is still intimately associated with Kundalini Yoga in the west, it is essentially the instrument of Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound that underlies all yoga practices and traditions. The Gong is truly the instrument of the Yogi.

The practice of Gong Yoga begins with sequences of asanas, mudras, bandhas, paranayams, and mantras (known as “kriyas”) to open the flow of energy and to create a receptive body-mind state for guided deep relaxation and meditation. While in the relaxed and meditative state, the gong is played to cleanse the subconscious and awaken the practitioner to a transcendent state of awareness. Gong Yoga is a perfect union of intentional consciousness and applied sound.


Gong Yoga may be integrated into all yogic traditions and yoga therapy applications by a proficient yoga practitioner/teacher who understands the power and ability of the gong to change consciousness and effect healing.